Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tell us your last holiday or about an amazing day in your life

Hello class,

This is a blog entry. We have been taking a look at one in class, and now you must write a comment on one of the following topics:

- Write a blog entry about one of your holidays.

- Write a blog entry about an amazing day in your life.

Here is my example.

Hi everybody!

I didn't write last week because I was in Menorca with my family. On Tuesday, we travelled to Madrid by car and we left our car in a private car park. Then, we took a bus to the airport. Next, we took our suitcases and a backpack and did the check-in. After that, we went to the boarding gate, showed our passports and travelled by plane to Mahón, which is the capital of Menorca. 
When we arrived there, we took a map in the airport and found the place where we were going to stay for the following days. It turned to be a nice apartment in Cala Blanca.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we went to wonderful beaches on the island. On Friday morning, we visitied a fishermen's village, where we could buy some souvenirs for our relatives. My baby boy also got a present for himself, a toy car which is his favourite toy at the moment! LOL 

At the weekend we went to other beaches, in Menorca most beaches are called "Calas" and you have to walk for at least 30 minutes to arrive at them. We also rented a boat. While we were sailing, we saw beautiful some beautiful dolphins. On Saturday evening, we visited a town called Ciutadella, which is very beautiful. While we were sightseeing, we took a lot of pictures. 

Finally, we travelled back home by plane on Sunday afternoon. The holiday was awesome!

As you can see, I tried to use the grammar and vocabulary that we studied in the unit. Also, linking words. I hope you do the same. Don't forget to check your writing for: capital letters, punctuation, word order, liking words and prepositions of time. 

I'm looking forward to read your comments! 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Hello class! Here you can find the links for the reading for the third term.

George and the Dragon (you can both read and listen to the story if you follow the link).

King Arthur and Excalibur

You will also read some Greek Myths:

Theseus and the Minotaur

The Legend of the Trojan Horse

Aphrodite and the Trojan War 

Thursday, 2 March 2017


"My brother eats like a horse", said John.

"to eat like an elephant" is an idiom. This is an expression that usually means something different to the literal meaning of each word.

We can learn more idioms with animals following the link:

20 Animal Idioms in English

Idioms with Large Animals

#1 – the elephant in the room

Now, answer the animal idioms quiz.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Aesop's Fables- Stop Motion

1º ESO

After reading a fable of your choice, make a stop motion.
Here is an example of what you should do.

Stopmotion by Javier Guerrero Carretero

You should send the project to your teacher before the 25th of January.