Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tell us your last holiday or about an amazing day in your life

Hello class,

This is a blog entry. We have been taking a look at one in class, and now you must write a comment on one of the following topics:

- Write a blog entry about one of your holidays.

- Write a blog entry about an amazing day in your life.

Here is my example.

Hi everybody!

I didn't write last week because I was in Menorca with my family. On Tuesday, we travelled to Madrid by car and we left our car in a private car park. Then, we took a bus to the airport. Next, we took our suitcases and a backpack and did the check-in. After that, we went to the boarding gate, showed our passports and travelled by plane to Mahón, which is the capital of Menorca. 
When we arrived there, we took a map in the airport and found the place where we were going to stay for the following days. It turned to be a nice apartment in Cala Blanca.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we went to wonderful beaches on the island. On Friday morning, we visitied a fishermen's village, where we could buy some souvenirs for our relatives. My baby boy also got a present for himself, a toy car which is his favourite toy at the moment! LOL 

At the weekend we went to other beaches, in Menorca most beaches are called "Calas" and you have to walk for at least 30 minutes to arrive at them. We also rented a boat. While we were sailing, we saw beautiful some beautiful dolphins. On Saturday evening, we visited a town called Ciutadella, which is very beautiful. While we were sightseeing, we took a lot of pictures. 

Finally, we travelled back home by plane on Sunday afternoon. The holiday was awesome!

As you can see, I tried to use the grammar and vocabulary that we studied in the unit. Also, linking words. I hope you do the same. Don't forget to check your writing for: capital letters, punctuation, word order, liking words and prepositions of time. 

I'm looking forward to read your comments! 


  1. Hi!
    I went to Conil, in Cadiz with my family for four days three weeks ago. The first day we arrived there and we didn't have time for almost anything. The second and the third day we went to the beach, the second day the flag was yellow and we swam carefully, but the third day it was green. At night we ate in differents restaurants and we walked for the town. The last day we left the town at eleven o'clock and we arrived in Villanueva de La Serena in the afternoon, it was a great holydays!

    Ariel Escobar Capilla.

  2. HI!
    I went to San Fernando, Cadiz. From 15 to 18 of september. We stayed in a bungalow.
    We arrived at 2:00 pm, parked the car and went to eat, Then we put the suitcases in the room. In the afternoon we went to Jerez de la Frontera for a karting and when we finished, we went to dinner because it was late. The next day we went to visit The Pantheon of Infants and other things about the war. In the afternoon while my father slept, my mother and I went to a shopping centre that there was under the hotel. The third day we went to a visit the skeleton of a whale, it was enormous! In the afternoon went to the beach. My brothers and I built sand castles and caught many shells,too. The last day went to the other beach all day and about 6:00 p.m arrived home. Nice holidays!

    Andrea Barrantes Torres

  3. Hi!
    I went to Islantilla,Huelva,with my family.From 14 to 18 on August.We stayed in a hotel with a pool and a padel courn.We arrived at 12:00pm,then put the suitcase in the room ,we were at the beach until three o'clock and then we went to ate.In the afternoon my brother and me went for a walk and take photos on the beach.In the night we went in the center street and we had dinner.
    The next day,i got up at half past ten then we went to the beach and my brother and me rode in a castle in the middle of the water, at 2:00 we went at a bar and drank a coke and then ate.In the afternoon we stayed in the hotel because we were tired and i slept to half past four to quarter past six.In the night we ate in the hotel and we went to slep early because the next day we went in huelva in the shopping centre and then we came back to the hotel and stayed in the pool.In the afternoon we went to the beach and i lie in the sand then we went to the centre street and We ate dinner after we bought an ice cream and went back to the hotel.In the next day we picked up and we came home

    Pedro Garcia Rodriguez

  4. Hi!
    I went to Costa Ballena, Cádiz. From 7 to 10 of september. We stayed in apartment. First, we put the suitcases in the bedroom. Thirty minutes later, my brother and I went to the swimingpool. Then we went to eat. In the afternoon we went for a walked from the house to the beach. In the beach we took photos in the sunset. The next we went to the beach at 11:00 am. There we made some castles and we played football, too. At 2:00 pm we went to eat. In the afternoon we went to ice cream shop. The third day we went to a diferent beach and we aet in restaurant called "Chinini". We arrived at home about 7:00 pm. We had dinner at 10:30 pm and at 12:00 pm we went to sleep. The last day we went to breakfast at the bar. Then we packed the suitcases to the car and left.
    Alejandro López Barrantes

  5. Last holiday was really fun! We went to France, where we visited Millau,Lanmary and some other little places. First, we went to Lanmary, where we stayed on a camping site that is called Huttopia. It was in the middle of the forest. From Lanmary we went to Lascaux, the famous representation of the amazing caves. They were beautiful, and interesting too. Also, we did a forest activity, which was called ''Smart forest'', and we needed to get all the QR codes that we could, by using a smart phone and hicking in the forest. We found them all! Then we went to Millau, where my parents and I went canoeing. It really got me, it was so fun. After that, we slept our last night there. Then, we went back to our town, Villanueva de la Serena.

    Manuel Manzanero Blanco

  6. We left early in the morning. we stopped at a roadside bar and had breakfast. when we arrived in valencia we left the suitcases at his hotel and we went for a walk around the centerFor lunch we ate at the hotel restaurant, there was a buffet with lots of food. when arriving the afternoon we went to the ocean graphic where there were birds, insects, fish ... what surprised me most was a tunnel of fish where there were many types of fish to sharks. then we went to an enclosure where I had a fish tankAt night we took a walk and went to the hotel.


  7. Hi everyone¡¡
    I didn´t write anything last week because I was do visit Seville with my family. We were visiting Seville and we had great time. We visited a lot of interesting monuments and places. My favourite monument was `La Giralda´, there were a lot of people there. There we visited `The Cathedral´ and `The Spanish Squsre´ where people we sail on boat. In the afternoon, we were in `Sierpes Street´. It is a street where you can find a lot of shops. At night we returned to our hotel. It was nice, with a big swimming pool. Next day we went to the beach.

  8. I went to the Canary Islands from 17 to 23 July took a plane in Madrid to the Canary Islands when we arrived we took a rental car to go to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we left our bags and went for a walk around the beach and through the canary islands. At lunch time we went again to the hotel and there we ate very well, in the afternoon we stayed in the hotel bathing and playing a lot of things such as golf I had a great time later when we finished dinner we went to a enclosure where they made shows and performances I really liked the trip .

    Lara Martín Vicente

  9. Hi Amalia!

    In my hlidays,i went to te north of france,to visit my grandparents.We were one month and it´s so cool. First,i went to the beach with my family,and then,we prepared our suitcasses in the mobile home.When we came back to spain, we stayed two weeks in Zaragoza,to visis my uncles an my cousin.This holidays have been so cool,but when we came back to Villanueva,our car had a problem and we had to go by taxi.

    Mario Bomme Moreno.

  10. Hi,guys!

    I didn't write last month cause I went to my house in Don Benito,in Extremadura.I didn't do much things,I only played video games in my bedroom all day.I don't like summer,is hot and I doesn't have Wi-Fi in Don Benito,so I was bored a lot.
    And well, that's all I did,see you next time!

    Álvaro Pérez Moreno

  11. Hi!
    Last summer I couldn’t go on holiday, but in 2016 I went to Camping Doñana twice. This camping is in Huelva, in the area of National Park of Doñana, one of most important natural reserve of the biosphere.This was really fun holydays. We stayed in a bungalow for two weeks.
    I was there in June and in September. I tell you about my September holidays.
    First day we only went to the swimming pool because we were very tired. The pool was really fun because it had the form of a big viking boat with a large water slide. There was another pool that was deeper. The second day we went to the beach that was near to the camping. The beach was funny for play tennis and surf with my friend Juanma who was by chance there too. When we weren’t at the beach or the swimming pool we played padel, billiards or Pokemon go. We usually went at the beach in the morning and at the pool in the afternoon.
    Another day we went to Mazagon, a town that is next to the camping, we shopped there and we went back.
    The last day we rented some karts and we played with them in the camping. That was really exciting.
    That holydays were fantastic! I hope that next summer I can go because it is my favorite holiday place.
    Javier Guerrero Carretero.

  12. Hi, Amalia!
    I want to tell you the reason why I missed class these days, well, I went to Nules, (Castellon, Valencia), I was there from September 7 to 10, I went with one of my sisters, my father and my mother, we did a lot of fun things, like going to the beach and the waves will take us to the shore, go to see animals, feed ducks, take walks, sunbathe, funny of everything was when we sat down to eat and we told stories and jokes, I ended up very tired at the end of the day so I just wanted to go to bed.

    When we were on the beach a beet wasp to my sister while I was bathing.

    My parents just sunbathed, I just bathed and my sister both things

    We went by car, it took five hours to arrive and it was fatal, but it was worth waiting for those five hours for all the fun.

    A greeting.
    Nacho Barrantes Suarez

  13. Hi everyone!
    Last week I had a funny time! Because I was in Paris. I arrived on Monday and my journey finished on Saturday. I went with my family.
    The first day we went to eat to a beautiful restaurant and the food was delicious.
    On Tuesday we were visiting the Louvre Museum, which Is the most beautiful museum.
    On Wednesday we were visiting the Eiffel Tower, it was so hight and beautiful too, and there, at night people throw fireworks.
    From Thursday to Saturday we spent the days at Disneyland Paris, we were there in a luxury hotel. I think that this the funniest place where a family can spend their holidays.

    Celia Parejo Romero

  14. Well done class! I can see that you really had a great time last summer!

  15. Hy everyone, this were my holydays.

    We were in Cantabria and Asturias.
    In Cantabria we were two days but two days doing a lot of things. The first day we went by boat to Santander, once there we spent the rest of the day strolling around the city, it was exhausting.
    Once back in the hotel I realized that these holidays were going to be tired.
    The second day was a bit quieter, we went to the comillas beach, once we left the beach we went to see Capricho de Gaudi that was amazing, because even if it was only a house had a histoia behind and the house was amazing.
    On the third day I used to go to Asturias. Once there the first thing we did was eat because we were hungry.
    The first day we did the Dencenso del río Sella were 17 kilometers, at it was so tired.
    The rest of the day was beach and relax because otherwise I can not stand the rest of days.

    Álvaro Rivero Horrillo. 2ºA(Bilingüe)

  16. Hello everyone!
    The lasts holidays were very fun.
    I went to Isla Cristina (Huelva).We stayed in a hotel that had a pool,golf course and a game room.When I arrived at the hotel I was amazed because it was amazing.
    The beach was very near to the hotel.On the beach there were people selling bracelests and necklaces and I bought a very nice bracelet.On the beach I spend a horrible thing.When I was bathing in the sea a big wave I shot and swallowed a lot of water, but forgetting that, my holidays in Isla Cristina were perfect.
    When I finished this holidays I went to Madrid, where I visited many museum, art gallery, and so on...
    In Madrid I went to shopping and I bought a lot of clothes.
    I love the clothes. I had a great time in Madrid.