Monday, 7 November 2011

Mickey and Goofy Explore Energy

Hi class! we are going to read a comic strip and we'll see if you remember what you studied with Coro and Edita in the science class. The picture will lead you to the comic.

After reading, answer the questions below:

Focus on language
1. Find examples of verbs in the past tenses in the text.
2. Look for expressions meaning "with a lot of clothes on", "shortage of energy", "limited in size and extent", "very few"
3. Write words related to a car.
4. How do you say "gas" in British English?

Reading comprehension:

Say if the following sentences are True or False.

1. Goofy is late because his car broke down.
2. Goofy is hot, that's why he turned off the thermostat.
3. When Mickey goes into the US bank of Energy, he discovers the USA have run out of energy.
4. Mickey and Goofy go to see different types of energy.
5. Goofy checked everything in his car.
6. They ran out of energy and needed to rest.

Answer the following questions:
1.According to Mickey, why is so important not to waste energy?
2. What types of energy are named in the comic?

Now you have to post a commment giving some ideas of what to do to save energy. Don't forget to write your name.


  1. For my is important save energy because many energy are fynite and if you havent those energy lose for example gas that is very important to the car.
    Alberto Pajares Fort

  2. It's important energy the savings because over time finish energy and the contamination is minus in the Earth. By Valeria Suárez

  3. i like very much the comic , is very interesting and very useful for us.
    Marta García.

  4. this comic its fantastic! becouse its very good comic.If you want laugh a while,you will came here.
    And the energy is very importan so with this comic we learn lots of energy.
    By:Marta Sanchez

  5. This comic is interesting to me that teaches us that there are energies that are finished with the time.
    María Luisa González

  6. The comic is great! teaches us that we must save energy because it is over.
    by: Patricia Morcillo

  7. the comic is very interesting!! that teaches us the different types of energies. I really like it very Cordero

  8. The comic is great!! because they teach us the different types of energy in a less boring.
    Also teaches us that we must respect our environment, i really like
    by: Raquel Segador

  9. Hi Amalia is third comment I hope you get comes, the comic is fantastic that explains very well all about renewable and nonrenewable energies and gives us an idea that can deplete the energies that are fudamentales to human life.
    by:sergio parejo moa

  10. this comic is very good for laughting
    i enjoy very much ans is very interesting
    Claudia Sanchez