Friday, 4 April 2014

What did you do last weekend?

Hello everybody!

Write a post telling what you did at the weekend. Include the following information:

1. When did the events take place?
2. Who was there?
3. Which activities did they do?
4. What was the writer's opinion of the day?

Use connectors of sequence:

First- Then- Next- Finally


  1. I had a really great day on sunday .My grandmothar my father my mother and my brother went to Madrid. We got out at 5. We astopped for breakfast . i breakfast one cola cao and one toast and then we continued . we arrived at 9 . first parked in a parking . then we saw a archaeological national museum. is very beautifull and big. next we went visitit at my uncle my aunt and my causin. then we walked in a gran via street and we eat in the retiro park . next we bought sweet and candies and finally we return and arrived villanueva de la serna at 10 i love sunday because was vey funnier MARTA BARJOLA LOPEZ 1 ESO B

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    Friday I went with my friends Irra, Isa, Maria, Puerto and Dolores
    first went to the rodeo, we rode the zip line and the lagoon we then went to the track on the road we took pictures and finally we rode Shopping lagoon, bought candy, it was a fun Friday! we pass very fine

  4. My favourite day in the week is friday because we go to many located. Isa,Patricia,Javier;Israel and Dolores first eating the sandwich in the park the Constitucion. Tehn we shopping the candy to Antojo. Next go to park the Laguna . Riding in the swing and saw the frog and tadpole in the source . Next we going to the park Rodeo in the park Rodeo saw a many people playing to football . thepark Constitucion we saw at many francais .
    finally we going to the house .in my opinion pass very fine. Bye ,Maria Fernandez Sanchez 1º B E.S.O

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  6. my weekend stards in the morning,firs,I went to the sport centre.I was my friend pyaing football.I wend to to mi house to eat.Them.I played the console.Next.I wend to my grandparents´ house.Them,I hed to playing football on the spot centre.Finally on saturday.I wend out my friends for the village.To start on sunday.First,I was walking with mu famili.finally.I was studing an preparing the last thing for monday.


  7. My favourite day of the last weekend was on Saturday , because it was my birthday. Turned 13 years old . First , in the morning I went to buy clothes with my mother .Then , I went with a friend to a game of basketball because played a friend of mine and they won .Ended at 6 and I went home. Next came my uncles and my cousins to congratulated , were have dinner in my house and gave clothes , colony and money. Finally, when they left I was wathing TV and went to bed

  8. my last weekend is fantastic.Because I'm going to play football in rodeo's park with my friends. in rodeo's park they are many,peaple becouse is enormius and lot of peaple are my friends and buy many candies in shops. on sunday I'm go to los pinos street is very big finally go to SLEEP!!!!!! JAVIER HIDALGO 1C XDDD

  9. Hello¡ My weekend was fantastic. First I went with my friends Alonso Miquel Lucia and Marta the friday. Then we saw Dolores Puerto and Irra. The saturday I did my homeworks in the morning and in the afternoon went with Lucia. Next I visited my cousins Guadalupe Carolina and Victor. The sunday I went my country. My family and me did a big barbecued. Finally preparated my scoolbag and I went to bed.

  10. In my weekend i did a lot of activities in the three days,but i'm only go to tell you the Saturday:
    First i got up at 11:00 a.m. and i had breakfast,when i finished i have a shower and i dressed.Then i went to my countryside with my grandparents,my parents and my three sisters.
    Next i ate paella and chips.After that i went to play to our garden (in our garden my grandfather made a little park) with my sister and it was very funny.Finally at 11:00 p.m. i went to my bedroom and i watched a film.

    By: Esther Arroyo Pajuelo
    1º B

  11. My favorite day in the week is freidy . Becaus meet my friends. Patri, Isa, Puerto , Isra and Dolores.
    Frist go to park Contitución , next Isa, Patri and me going to valeciano , we eating a coassant, then going to antojo boying the sweep.
    Next go to park the Laguna , we saw more people. The go to Park Rodeo , we pass to old prision the Villanueva . Next saw my friends to he hing school San Jose. We buying a goms have puls.
    Bye, bye María Fernández Sánchez 1ºB E.S.O

  12. the last weekend i did very things.The first i went to Castuera to play the cornet with the band.The second i went to my country with my friend Alejandro and we played to PlayStation,football,basketball...Next,we went to home.The next day i meet with my friend Javier Puerto and we went to park rodeo to played football.then we saw at Javier Hidalgo with your friend Santiago.Finally i went to sleep by:Jose Antonio 1B :)))))

  13. Last Sunday was my favorite day of last weekend. First I woke up at half past nine and I had breakfast and I played with my little brother then I do my homeworks and at four o´clock I had lunch. Next, at six o´clock I met with Clara and Lucía, we gave a return and we found Patricia and Ana. Finally I went home and I was with my family. It was a great sunday. :)

    By: Luis Fermoselle Ávila

  14. In my weekend i did a lot of things.I went on friday,i went shopping with my mother and i bought a lot of clothes and evening was in my house watching tv and slept.Saturday morning made oreo cake for my family,after i went at home of my uncles and my cousins; and afternoon i went to ice cream shop for bought ice cream and evening i went to the restaurant chino with my brother and cousins.Sunday i went to the country said with my family and my friends.I had a really great weekend

  15. the last weekend i went to the countriside with my family (my dad,my mum and my siter) .in the contrisisde i was with my cousins and my ancle .i arrive at 11 o'clock .in the morning i play football and ride a bike .i ate meat and ice cream .them went with my family walked in the track .in the sunday morning i play a football match in the afternoon i meet wiht my friend jose
    Javier Puerto 1 ESO B

  16. On saturday lift me nine wings,after breakfast i went to play games.Fighting i got clothes and i left wing street until my parents called me and i went to my house. When i arrived we went to my grandmother´s house to visit my greatgrandmother that this bad.Before we stopped at the gas station to take petrol then went to his house.When it arrives i got to play football,then i went to eat and when i started to watch tv till we went to my house. israel

  17. Last weekend was rarely fantastic on saturday i went to Navalmoral de la Mata for a competicion whit the swimming clup LARES . I went to Navalmoral at 7:00 on the mornig then i trening i i was do my competicion i went to had lunch and in the afternoon i was do other competicion at 20: 00 i went to Villanueva in the dus whit the C.N.LARES. Finali i went home i hab lunch and i went to my bed . Was the most fantastic day on my live.
    By Gloria Guijarro Velarde 1° B

  18. In the weekend:In friday was with Andrea and Naiara.Andrea and Naiara are my bests friends.We went the park. We went play baskeboll and play tennis.We dinner hamburgers and cola.In saturday was with my cousin.In saturday go to the cinema with my parents at half past seven.We dinner salad and pizza.The sunday went this hunting with my dad and my dogs.The name this my dogs are Canely Chispy and Careta.My opinión of the weekend is busy and a little tired but in general mui fun.

  19. In the weekend :In friday was with Andrea and Naiara.Andrea and Naiara are my bests friends.We went the park.We went play baskeball and play tennis.We dinner hamburgers and cola.The saturday was with my cousin.In saturday go to the cinema with my parents.We dinner pizza and salad.The sunday went this hunting with my dad and my dogs.The name this my dogs are Canely Chispy and Careta.My opinion of the weekend is busy but in general mui fun. Maria Ciudad Ortega 1C