Tuesday, 25 November 2014

2º ESO


How will the world be in 50 years? What will you do?
What will your friends and family do?

Write your predictions below.


  1. I think the boats will fly in the space. I think the turbo bag will go to highschool and school. I think the robot dog will help troubled person . I think the robot will work in the restaurant. I think the restaurant will be digital and will have new food. I think isa will work cleaning wc.I think the robot will work in every work.I think the car will fly in the sky and the space. ` MARIA'

  2. I think the buses will fly
    I think the bikes will can motor
    I think the money will be peseta
    I think the robots will be we
    I think I will travel to eeuu
    I think I will buy a playstation8
    I think I will be a doctor
    I think puerto be a football player

  3. in the future there will be robots do everything we do,and the car and the cars will be able to speak and will be able to fly..I and my family will be moving to a houseboatmincraft it may Gugar in real life and I and my amigoa guguaremos every day

  4. I thimk in 50 years the world will be contaminated and a lot of animals and plants will disappear. The Antártica's glaciers will melt and many beaches will be under the sea,the robots will play in the human's sports and they also will always win.
    I will have one son and two daughters calls Alejandro,Macarena and Rocio;i will have a lot of money and also a big hause in New York
    My parents will have a dog and a cat and they will be grandparents,they won't have parents because my grandparents will die.
    My friend Jessica will work in a hospital and she won't have sons
    My friend Gonzalo will be married whith the princess and he will be very happy

    BY: Esther Arroyo Pajuelo 2ºB

  5. - I think the cars will fly.
    - I think there will be a new shopping center in Villanueva de la Serena.
    - I think I'll be traveling to California.
    - I think I'll have a dog.
    - I think Maria will be a policeman.
    - I believe that Isa will work in a supermarket.
    - I think they'll have robots.
    - I think my friens and I 'll play professional volleyball match.

    By: Patricia Tena Ferreira 2ºB

  6. Luisa Lucía Rodríguez Sánchez25 November 2014 at 12:06

    Hi, my name is Luisa. My proyet is about the future.
    In 2064 the people will can fly and we will run 2000 metres for second. We only two colors will wear black and white. Will measured three meters and the king it will be a robot. We live in the earth but we it will be go to the holidays at the moon.
    In the future I will have one, two or three children and I will be married. I will be music or literature teacher. My life will be very happy. My father will be 95 years old and my mother will be 90 years old. My friends will are with me for ever I am sure. I love my friends they are very important in my live and too in the future.
    I want in the future there aren't wars. That the children will haven't hungry and all diseases will can be cured.
    We too could will preserver our world,The Earth.

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  8. Hi! My name is Luis Fermoselle. These are my predictions of the future.
    There will be super smartphones.
    There will be teletransportation.
    There won´t be cars and any vehicules.
    I will be very rich
    I will be maried with a very pretty woman
    I won´t have childrens.
    We will can travel to the moon and to Mars.
    There will be smarthouses.