Friday, 8 April 2016

Write a post on the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Hi class! I can't decide if using the mobile phone in the classroom is a good or bad idea. Can you help me? and in general (not only in class) what are the pros and cons of using mobile phones?


  1. Hi Amalia,
    using mobile phones can be good or bad depending on their use.
    There are a lot of advantages such as online diccionary, take pictures of the blackboard when you cannot copy them, you can know what time it is etc. You also can the calculator.
    But there are disadvantages too. With the mobile phone you can send message and do not attend to the classes. And you must not do it.
    In conclusion there are more advantages than disadvantages, but the disadvantage is very hard.
    By beni

  2. Hello Amalia,
    Mobile phones are both good and bad.
    There are some great things about mobile phones such as a lot of information, you can search whatever you want in internet! You can know what time its ,the weather and you can also call somebody if you're lost!!
    But mobiles phones can also be dangerous, nowadays teens are addicted to the internet, they usually use it in class and they don't attend to the teacher.
    Therefore,I think that mobile phones have more advantages that disadvantages, but you have to be careful and use it with responsibility.
    By Patricia

  3. Mobile phones is one of the fastest growing means of communication today. It allows people from all over the world to speak in differents places. Mobile phones has a number of advantages. Nevertheless, there are disadvantages too.
    On the one hand, mobile phones is a great way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. In addition, it lets you to take photos or videos. Besides, it's cheaper than original phones.
    On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. The biggest danger is indentify theft. For this reason, it's necessary to be careful about the información you have in it. What's more mobile phones are often used in bulling. Cyberbulling has increased in recent years and is one of the biggest disadvantages for young people.
    In conclusion, mobile phones have made easier to communicate and to keep in touch. Although there are disadvantages, I think they are useful if they're used sensibly
    Esther Arroyo Pajuelo
    3° B

  4. Hello Amalia .
    I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of using mobil phone
    your mobile phone got calculadors ,take many photos and videos , chatting whit your firm by many app example( whatsapp gmai and etc...) ,video calling (skipe snachap) ,GPS using for you lost ,emergency call ,lantern ,rigitones,SMS, traductor for help you visit other country or can't understand any words ,alarm for you standing up early ,calendar and more things
    The disadvantage are the teacher saw you using the phone in the class the teacher remove your phone ,the phone sound in the class ,can't make photos in high schools .

    There are more advantage that disadvantage

    By Maria

  5. Hello Amalia!
    The answer is difficoult since it depends on the point of view that you have. Therefore, use the mobile phone in classroom, is good or bad? Let's have a look at the pros and cons!

    I think the advantages are that pupils can use the phones to search information so, they can ask questions of the lessons and use it like a dictionary too. Because of the short duration of lessons, many times students haven't got time to copy all information that the teacher writes on the blackboard so they can take a picture and copy at home.

    But, mobile phones can be a distraction too. When the teacher is explaining or doing other importants things, the students can use their phones to chat with their friends. The children can take pictures to their friends and upload on internet without the permission of their parents.

    Therefore, there are more or least the same pros and cons using the mobile phone in class. But personaly, I think the cons are worst and the pupils shouldn't use their mobile phones unless they were very responsible.

    Luis Fermoselle Ávila 3ºB

  6. Hi amalia i think it´s better to use the mobile phone in class i explain the advantages: -if you forgot de book for read can yo use the PDF and read in that -the mobile phone have a calculater you can use for examens when you forgot your calculater -when you are sick you can call your parents to come for you -the internet access to do a jobs in groups or individual but too have a disadvantages fo example -not paying attention in class and suspend the subjects -cheating on a test more easier -do a bad use to the social networks and make texting sexting and cyberbullyng to other people ALBA ROMERO CRUZ 3B